Busting the Myth – Digital Marketing is not just Social media marketing.

Often, digital marketing is used synonymously with social media marketing. However, the following types of digital marketing form an integral part of a sound digital marketing campaign.

1. Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization or SEO refers to the process of growing your online visibility on organic (unpaid) search engine results. SERPs or search engine results pages appear to users when they search for a given set of keywords using a search engine like Google. Every user receives search results based on keywords, location at the time of searching and their browsing habits.

The higher your rank on a SERP, the more traffic is directed to your website.

How do you achieve this?

By optimizing your website using SEO.

2. Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing or SEM does what SEO ignores i.e. paid traffic. With SEM you purchase advertisement space that appears on a SERP. The most common paid search platform is Google AdWords.

The search engine charges a marketer a predetermined amount to display an advertisement depending upon number of places on a SERP when generated from specific keywords. One example of SEM is pay-per-click advertising or PPC. PPC refers to a digital marketing method wherein search engines charge a company each time their advertisement is clicked.

Nowadays, even leading social media websites use PPC. They place your advertisements on their platform, targeting specific people or searches.

3. Content Marketing

Content marketing refers to the practice of delivering a quality piece of content to your users to generate leads. This includes everything that you put online about or related to your brand or company. Quality content marketing integrates creativity and the principals of SEO in a manner that it doesn’t seem an ad or promotion but it is.

4. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing refers to the process of paying for sales. It is like hiring a sales person on commission basis but on a digital platform. You determine the rate and terms and conditions for affiliate marketing.  You only pay for conversions. Therefore, there is no upfront cost to affiliate marketing. Many bloggers or e-commerce websites use affiliate marketing.

5. Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is among the newer types of digital marketing. It is and extension to social media marketing but is not limited to it. Influencer marketing uses people with an enormous online reach considered as celebrities by your target market to drive traffic.

Influencer marketing is popular on social media channels like Instagram and Facebook. Companies hire Instagrammers with large followings to promote their brand by posting one or more photos or videos with the product.

6. Email Marketing

Email marketing allows you to update your email subscribers on a regular basis about developments or updates to your products. Your email updates provide value to your consumer. This helps you build trust and brand loyalty. People who voluntarily opt-in to your email subscription prove more likely to become active buyers.

7. SMS Marketing

SMS marketing proves to be an asset to local marketing efforts. You can prompt your consumers to use SMS to receive special offers, coupons, an

d updates from your company.

A truly effective digital marketing campaign integrates all the above strategies and effective social media presence. An expert does this the best. To capture more consumers and improve your ROI via digital marketing, visit us at xceedmedia.in and contact any of our representatives!