Instagram – An important social media platform

With over a 500+ million users, Instagram has a very wide user base. This makes it a very effective marketing tool. It is one of the most commonly used social media platforms for advertising.

Instagram has taken the fact that consumers believe what they see and through the photo sharing option, it does just that. Businesses have started using Instagram to inform their worldwide consumers of any updates or offers. Brands can highlight their uniqueness through their profiles.

Quick facts about Instagram Marketing

“Brands that promote on Instagram have a 4.21% engagement rate. That’s 10x high when compared to Facebook and 84x high than Twitter.”  source Forrester.

“91% brands make use of 5 to 7 strong hashtags in their posts.” source Simply Measure.

 “60% of top brands that promote themselves on Instagram use the same filter for all their posts”? Source WebDam research.

“Contests carried on Instagram generate 3.5x more likes 64x more comments when compared to the general posts shared on any other social media platform” source PowerDigital Marketing,

Although it’s not easy to engage your audiences just through a few photos or videos, you need to create strong campaigns with hashtags that just take your brand visibility to next level.

How to make sure you make the most out of your Instagram campaign?

  • Have a very convincing Bio
  • Your bio works as an introduction to your products and/or services. Make this as impressive as you can. This increases the engagements and keeps people on your page for a long time. Also, having a very memorable profile picture keeps the brand in the mid of people longer. Keep a link of your website in case people want to know more.

  • Make the most of hashtags
  • Using the right hashtags increases the visibility of your page. They help to categorize and organise your content. Ensure you use hashtags as a part of a well crafted strategy.

  • Repost
  • Repost posts from other brands or creators that are similar to your products and align to your strategy. Make sure to take prior permission before doing so!

  • Have great Visuals
  • This is needless to say that the images you post must have proper and engaging visuals. Have a particular theme and use this consistently. This gives a uniform and professional look to your page.

  • Use Stories
  • Use Instagram stories. You can share more content with Instagram stories. You can use features like poll to generate real time feedback.

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